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The Almighty return of Affecto!

Well well well, where to start this?

Honestly this came out of nowhere and nobody saw this coming. When affecto died, the leaders did split up and chose their own fate. But they reunited after a while at in2ition. I'm not gonna sit here and explain what happened at in2ition. Let's take a look on the positive things instead!
With the lack of clans on the scene, we decided it's not a bad idea to revive this beautiful memory.

However management changes are made this time. Previously it was leaded by loftzu and MAZU together. Now it will be leaded by loftzu only and MAZU will remain as an admin of the clan.
He will continue to help me with important decisions regarding the clan.

Now our most important thing, our dear beloved members!

We gathered some of our old and most important members back! phaKie, vodka and blZ decided to return home! So thank you guys for making this possible! Ofcourse there are also some people who found a new path and some who even decided to step back from the gaming scene. GoKu and VENXZRR! You guys will not be forgotten and will remain in our Hall of Fame. Who knows maybe 1 day? Our doors are always open for you 2!

As you can see our squad is not really that big at the moment. So hereby we also OPEN our RECRUITMENT!
If you think you got what it takes. Don't bother waiting and make your apply!

Enough chit-chat. Now it's time to get to work. Let's make the best out of this boys!

Kind Regards, affecto management!


Let's fuck some bitches to celebrate JayJay!
Tuesday, 7th April @ 04:03

and not a single word about the war manager.....disrespectful cunts
Tuesday, 7th April @ 08:49

No hall of fame mention for welbz? Sign me up wankers, or u die <3<3<3
Tuesday, 7th April @ 09:17

declined mutu!
Tuesday, 7th April @ 13:00

Mutu has requested a personal demotion from the war manager position.
Tuesday, 7th April @ 13:09

i will offline because SAD!
Tuesday, 7th April @ 13:10

ill offline because SADDDDD :c take a seat on the ground m8
Tuesday, 7th April @ 13:17

gl with the clan ben. when do i get /member?
Tuesday, 7th April @ 17:44
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