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Cup Results » CyberGamer RO Night Cup #1 » Affecto vs in2ition
Friday, 26th June @ 12:59


Date: 21-06-2015 / Round 3 - Grand Final

Affecto Line-up
Affecto MAZU
Affecto loftzu
Affecto vodka
Affecto MORTEK

in2ition Line-up
in2ition BROLY!
in2ition karmA
in2ition n00bster
in2ition atte
in2ition extence

The match started off by Affecto winning the bash4map where they decided to play their map first which was mp_harbor. Starting off on the russian side Affecto could get some important rounds as they could push through to A. On the german side Affecto covered quite well and in2ition couldn't cover up their loss on the german side. The map ended with Affecto winning 13-8. in2ition's map was mp_tigertown. Affecto won the bash4side and started off with playing the german side. But Affecto couldn't cover well enough and in2ition pushed their way through to A where they basically won the map. On the american side Affecto couldn't push through anywhere as in2ition's cover was too strong. After map_elimination it was decided that our 3rd map is mp_dawnville. Where Affecto won again the bash4side and started off playing the german side. The cover was quite decent but in2ition still managed to get 3 important rounds making it a 9-3 for Affecto. On the american side Affecto didn't have any answer on the cover of in2ition. With an end score of 9-13 in2ition won the match and the night cup, making it the 2nd place for us.

Affecto Gaming [01] vs [02] in2ition

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Cup Results » CyberGamer RO Night Cup #1 » Affecto vs in2ition » Replies
Friday, 26th June @ 16:11


lost to fins LOLOLOLOLOL
Friday, 26th June @ 21:15

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