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News from 5th August!

Hello everyone, today we spoke with eachother and we all made some decisions regarding some applicants! Read below!

First to start of with the good news:

We are happy to announce you guys that blZZZ has made it through his trial, he's now a full #AFFECTO member! Welcome blZZZ!

Second of all Fantasy? has been granted a trial! We do think he can add something special to the team and showed us good things so far, so good job and good luck getting through your trial!

Now, we also have some sad news:

We are afraid SubCiu didn't make it into the team :( We thought he wasn't really the same anymore after we declined his friend Ghost. However he do had skills and was a great and nice lad on TS, this was a hard decision for us, I wish him the best of luck somewhere else cause he deserves it!

Same applies to CrusheRRR however not the same reason! We do think that you weren't able to beat the other current applys atm. However #AFFECTO also wishes you best of luck in the future!

That's it for today guys! xxx

News regarding the applicants

Today we decided to decline 1 of our apps, to grant 2 trials and welcome a new member!

Lets start with the sad news!

Kidvel didn't make it into the team! We're truly sorry but the other applicants fit better to the team.

Now to the 2 trials!

blZ has been granted a trial! You're doing good in scrims and you fit perfectly to the team. Stay active dont quit cod (!!) and im sure you will make it into the team!

subCiu has also been granted a trial! You're doing quite good in scrims, you listen you call and you're fun on teamspeak! Keep on the good work and gl getting member.

Last but not least our new member!

Reletiv has passed his trial! Even if he has disappeared for 3 days we decided to make him full member because hes a great addition to the team. Welcome mate!

The management!

News from 1st August

Hey guys,

Today we decided to decline one of our apps, Ghost!

He didn't really impress in the scrims he played and he doesn't really fit in the team!

But he was sad enough to actually delete his apply straight after i declined it, ***sad violin***

We will soon make decisions on the other applys aswell, so stay patient.

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