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To start off this post, Tanek has decided to leave affecto, However we all saw this coming anyways :D so Good luck wherever you go.

But he got substituted so don't worry..

Everyone, welcome s4h1n to the clan! We feel that he can warm the bench perfectly here so welcome in!

News from 11th August!

Today we decided to welcome 3 new guys and to decline another 3!

First to start of with the good news:

We are happy to announce you guys that Fantasy? has made it through his trial, you have convinced us in scrims and you're a friendly lad eventho you're sometimes accusing everyone of cod (haha)! Anyway welcome to the clan mate.

Tibo has also been granted the membership! We think that you're a good addition to the team. You're calm, skilled and a funny lad! Welcome mate.

And last but not least virax: Hes also one of our newest members. You did pretty good in scrims and you're a cool guy. The only thing I (M2rio) noticed, is that you get sometimes a bit to mad in scrims, anyway I hope you can work on that! Welcome pussy destroyer!

Now, we also have some bad news:

wiekzR didn't make it into the team. You weren't really that interested anymore as you were when u applied. It might be the fact that you started to play cod4 again but however you're a nice lad, i wish you goodluck somewhere else mate!

Also /Gaara didn't make it into the team! Eventho you are a calm lad and a nice guy, we do think that you weren't able to beat the other applys atm since you're still a little rusty. However I believe that you will find something else mate!

And now to absuRd, well you're literally one of the most ignorant applys #AFFECTO ever had! You didn't just blame everyone else in scrims for your mistakes, no you even thought you were in the position to do that... anway gl in i2R.

Thanks for reading!
The Management

Recruitment closed!

Hello folks,

As you guys might have noticed it's becoming very crowdy lately in the clan. We do have alot of members at the moment.. Not to mention alot of apply's aswell!

There are only 2-3 spots left in the team and there are 6 applicants. So with all respect I hope people will understand that not everyone can make it in and that we will do whatever is best regarding to the team. So after our latest and last apply absuRd we decided to close the Recruitment.

It's now a battle between you 6 for the last 3 spots!

May the best win hehe!

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