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A newcomer!

Yes boysssss, I'm sure everyone is aware of the fact that our activity has dropped alot due to inactive members including myself. So to keep this clan running and alive we need fresh and active additions. thats why we welcome a newcomer today! His name is hazE. Yes he has been inactive aswell but he just ordered a new computer which will be here next week and he said that he will be back on the tracks!

So, welcome back!

Kind regards, Affecto Management.

Clan update: 22/09/14

Hello folks,

As you guys might have noticed some people have left the ship and some went inactive. Therefore we decided to open the recruitment again. There are around 2-3 spots and if you are interested in one then feel free to register and press the apply button!

We also decided to decline the following applicants:

vovaN wasn't really the guy we were looking for. We think that he doesn't have the skill or the experience to make this team any better. Sorry and Gl finding another team.

vosak has been declined for the same reason as vovaN! We wish you also the best of luck.

BARTEQ hasn't really improved in the few scrims he played with us. Besides that he isn't really interested in the game anymore. Therefore we decided to decline him aswell! Sorry buddy and gl for whatever you decide to do.

That's it for today guys! Thanks for reading.


Yes guys, after the sad news of a leaving person today, Zlatan "PELE" Ibrahimovic comes to reinforce us once he's back to the game which is exactly 5th of Octobre! We all know about his skills and talent since he's been leader of one of the best quite long standing clans of cod1 "intuitive" and been in other good several clans aswell like freshh.., played for i2r cup, untouchables..!

Welcome home soon !

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