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2 in 2 out

Hello folks,
I am here to announce some good- but also some sad news.

First to start of with the good news:

We are happy to announce you guys that MnC decided to join us, after we invited him! Welcome nooba dooba!

Also pr0jectsxz played pretty good in the scrims he played for us, therefore we decided to put him on trial. Keep it up mate and you will become member in no time!

Now, we also have some sad news:

We are afraid that loftzu decided to leave the team after a discussion with me (MAZU) regarding the cup. We wish him the best of luck with whatever hes going to do!

Also vodka decided to leave the clan, as he said it wasn't fun anymore for him. We also wish him the best of luck with whatever hes going to do!

That's it for today guys!
Thanks for reading, Affecto Management.

4TC playoffs are about to start!

Heyy guys,
as the group stage of 4tc-cupseries came to an end and Affecto-e$ports Gaming ending up with 2nd place in Group B, we qualified for the playoffs. Our opponent in the quarter-finals will be EURO.

Original size

Kind regards, Affecto Management.

New signings

Hello folks,

As you guys might have noticed our clan was pretty much inactive the last 2 weeks. Therefore we decided to invite 2 guys to our team to get things running again. Everyone welcome:

SNOCKZ - Hes a very skilled player who has alot of experience in this game. Also hes a nice guy and knows what teamplay is!


subCiu - We also decided to invite him since hes very active ingame and a funny guy. Hes also growing skillwise from day to day ( jk hes noob <3 hahaa :D )

Kind regards, Affecto Management.

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