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End of Xfire!

Today Xfire did completely shut down the last piece of what was left: The Xfire client.
This is the end of a communication program we used since the beginning. It's sad to see it go away for some stupid tournament platform but oh well!

Now alot of you are wondering what are we gonna use now? We started off with trying razer comms but, to be honest it doesn't look like the right program to use. So we decided to use Steam! It's the biggest gaming platform out there for PC.

Theres a steam group for vCoD to find eachother more easily so make sure you join that aswell!

To all Affecto members: Make sure you join our Affecto Gaming group on steam!

So if you need to contact us, you know where to find us!

Best regards, affecto management

Recruitment open!

Hello my friends, it has been a while since the last news post but here we go!

SNOCKZ and BARTEQ have both made it into the clan, congratulations boys! You guys have proved to be a nice addition!

We also decided to open our Recruitment again since we still have a few spots open, so if you are interested to join, feel free and fill in your application!

Kind regards, Affecto management.


Hello turds!

This is gonna be a big one! Today we will introduce 3 new additions to the team. We talked and came to an agreement to get them all on board.

So our first guy is a one of a kind player, everybody welcome PELE!
This dude right here can play any clan to total annihilation if he wants to!

Our 2nd guy is one of the greatest brits! cubikz!
We all know what he's capable of, somebody who can lead your team to victory!

And last but not least theres also Anglhz!
Same applies to him as for the rest, this guy doesn't even a right mouse button to destroy somebody!

So with these 3 guys joining, there will only be like 1 spot left so there is still hope for you applicants!

Kind regards, Affecto management.

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