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The end.

As the title says I am closing affecto.

Since Xfire died, cod1 has became really dead. I know what you're gonna say, cod1 has been dead for years. Yeah well... but lately it's just impossible to have a competitive scene anymore that's why I decided to close the team as everyone of us already moved on to csgo and some of us picked another way.

I would like to thank everyone for the great time and the moments we shared together!

Kind regards, loftzu

Recruitment closed again!

Hello everyone,

As we all know we reached what we wanted to reach again and that is activity!
We are closing the recruitment again because of this. Current applicants will still stay applicants and will still have a chance of getting in! So good luck to all of you remaining apps!

Kind regards, affecto management

HoF returning!

Hello boys,

Today we welcome a hall of famer returning back to affecto!
Everybody welcome VENXZRR back into the clan!

He decided to leave his old clan because he didn't find any passion for the game anymore and he wants to try and rebuild that here!

Hope you will have a nice stay here!

best regards, affecto management

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